Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why time travel?

I love it when I get that question. Usually the person asking has such a confused look on their face I find it amusing. Out of all the countless numbers of books I've read, I have to say it's the time travel themes that have always caught my attention. There is something about an innocent person being flung into the past or future for reasons unknown. I enjoy reading the characters reactions. Are they horrified or completely in awe of their situation? What do they say? How do they blend in to a time that isn't their own? So many times while reading a good book, or any book for that matter, I've asked myself 'How would I have written this scene if I were the author?' I can't help it. Guess it's the author within. A good habit of mine I like to think. I believe a story about time travel is one of those subjects that either a person likes, or simply doesn't. It can be a great book, but if the person reading isn't very open to the idea it kind of puts a downer on the whole reading experience. The first time I picked out a book on time travel romance I thought 'Ya right. We'll see where this goes.' It took me weeks until I finally took the opportunity to open it up and begin reading. Guess I was sold on the whole idea. Look at me now. Not only do I read about time travel, I write about it.

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